How much "male/female behavior" do you expect when you're dating someone?

I consider myself as a modern, independent woman. E.g. I don’t need my man to take financial care of me. I’m all for equality in a relationship. That means for me that you try and give as much as you take, doing things in exchange and so on.

But beside all the equality and independence I always notice that I’m still looking for some ‘old fashion’, ‘typical male’ behavior in a guy. I don’t want him to pay for everything when we’re going out or open the door for me all the time. But it’s still nice when he does some ‘gentleman moves’ once in a while. Or is a little bit protective like when he brings me home; he waits till I get in ‘save’ before he drives off. Or texting me, asking if I arrived at home without problems, showing that he cares.

I’m just curious. What do you guys and girls think? What ‘typical’ male or female behavior should your partner have? Is there any typical behavior that you want?


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  • ideally there would be no difference except in the bedroom

    • the bedroom meaning any time we show affection. I usually want her to be the little spoon, etc.

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  • I've dated a few girls like you describe, and those are the ones that last the longest. I like the equality you talk about, and yes, I still do many "traditionally male" things.

    The girls I don't stick with are the ones who behave like it's still 1920. I want a partner, not a child to take care of.

  • I like a girl who won't rely on me financially and has a career and dreams of her own. And I like a girl who doesn't want me to always do gentlemen stuff for her, but I still do it because I know she doesn't like it and it makes me laugh. I also like a girl who offers to pay for stuff, because even though most of the time I won't let her its the thought that counts.


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