What is he saying?

I'm going to his place to bake some cake. I asked him what time I should come over and if I should bring anything. This is what he said:

"i dunno, come over at lunch time and we can rustle up some lunch as well as cake :)

hmm I think I have everything except coco but ill go and grab that from the store today so just bring your fine self!"

So this making cake turned into lunch. And what I'm curious about is the "just bring your fine self" Now is he calling me fine or is this just a nice way of saying you don't have to bring anything?


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What Guys Said 1

  • Its a flirty friendly way of talking. You could say that the a friend (of the same sex) or someone you're romanitcally interested in.

    trying to read anymore from it, would be trying to get too much from too little.


What Girls Said 1

  • he is sayng your fine. you don't have to bring anything! you could bring some wine if you want. look, he's obviously flirting. if you don't like him in that way, tell him. if you do, your lucky he obviously likes you back. you sorted girl. enjoy your self.