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Help me with this guy?

So me and this guy have known each other for a really long time. We have had sex multiple times and he’s told me in these words exactly, “I usually don’t tell this to a girl I’m not with but I love you.” The only time I see this guy is on the weekends usually at parties and we never see each other during the week or for weeks on end that is. He tells people he likes me and I know that he knows I’ve liked him since my crush on him in middle school. I used to joke with him and saying things like “when are we gonna just date.” and he says things like we can talk about it or might as well but then doesn’t follow through. Someone please guide me in the right direction. Maybe he’s just bland or maybe he’s just not that into me? Also it was kinda one of those things for years when he was single and I was taken and when i was single he was taken.
Help me with this guy?
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