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Girls.. Out of curiosity?

My current girl friend and I were talking and were revisiting how we met.. we were really close friends.

So we actually had the talk at one point which she intiate and clearly set boundaries that we are only friends and will always remain just friends.

So she mentioned that when we first met she imagined kissing me and it didn't spark anything and felt weird so she opened the topic of us just being friends cz she didn't feel anything or so she says.

A few weeks later after that she opened up about having feelings for me.. and the rest is history.. apparently she fell for me and doesn't know what it is because I never changed a single thing about me since the day I met her.

1) Do you do this imagining things with guys you meet or friends usually?
2) How is it that she fell for me when I never changed anything? Or is this your way of denying things or getting out of topic?
Girls.. Out of curiosity?
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