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How to move on after being used by fake friends and taken advantage of?

I met these dysfunctional drug users through a boy i was seeing. They all live in a hostel, have disgusting habits and used me for alcohol and pretended to be my friend, they let their friends threaten to stab me, accuse me of ridiculous things like sexual assaulting a female when I’m straight and she’s the one that tried to kiss me...(she eventually admitted it was lies) they stole from me and laughed about it in my face. One of them assaulted me and the other tried to take advantage of me while I was really drunk then turned my best friend against me.

They started trying to argue with me as they found out I reported the boy i was seeing for the stabbing threats and are adimant that I only reported him because he doesn’t want me so I did it to get back at him. (which isn’t true I was genuinely afraid). They are now laughing about it and saying how I was “used and abused” which is hurtful as I knew they used me, i stuck with them for the boy I liked, I wanted to help him fight his addiction and i thought If I hung with them it would help bring us closer. They act as if they are superior yet I have never touched a drug, I don’t often drink alcohol and i have a loving family and a home and a place at a law school and aspirations for my future and no criminal record whereas they are in and out of jail cells and courtrooms. I have now blocked all of them everywhere as they where starting to affect my mental health
How to move on after being used by fake friends and taken advantage of?
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