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Did your ex being mean backfire on them?

My ex cheated on me and was very disrespectful and rude.

His reasoning for doing it was because I'm a virgin and she's hoy. Him and his friends laughed at me, sorwad rumors about me, and tried to ruin my reputation.

My close friend helped me with managing my emotions to prevent me from retaliating.

Everytime I'd show them a reaction - positive or negative, they liked the attention. They also liked seeing me upset and annoyed.

For four years they spread rumors about me being promiscous, a gold digger, drunk, and a drug adfadd. None of it was true.

Since my ex boyfriend denied ever knowing or being associated with me, I'd deny knowing them. I'd also tell people they were weird and harassing me.

I blocked him on all social medias and that's what happened.
Did your ex being mean backfire on them?
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