What should I do with my boyfriend then?

i have been with my boyfriend for 1 month and a half right now. but these days I feel him so tired. and I saw one sms he sent from his 1st phone to his 2nd phone about his ex, and said he thought of her wherever he went that day, and they are will be OK later. and finally he said goodbye to her, and thanks for everything. atm when I saw it, I don't know what to deal with him right now. and last time when my friend told him I really care about the stuff of his ex in his room. and the next day he tidy up already when I came in, atm I though he really cares my feeling. but now I'm quite confusing.

what should I do then? am I his replacement? but now he still keep calling me everyday. and seems nothing happen? but now I really don't feel very well about all this, but don't know what should do?


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  • You should confront him about it and if you don't like his answers, break up.


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