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Is his girlfriend overreacting?

So I met this cute guy at my gym. He always smiles at me and looks and winks. So I thought he was flirting. Maybe he was. Anyway so I found him on insta and saw he has a girlfriend and basically sent him a very jokey message saying : oh I thought you were checking me out and was gonna ask for your number , but I see you got a girlfriend and I obviously misunderstood his friendliness. I said : that’s a shame , but hey ho no biggie have a good eve. I respect the fact you are taken and left it there. He never replied and honestly I didn’t expect him to I laughed it off , but I got a massive message from his girlfriend saying I was breaking girls code. Basically I was being a bitch for messaging her guy. I literally sent one message and that was it I left it there. I mean the guy is taken the end of it. I think she is being very dramatic. I’ve had girls contacting my ex and we always laughed about it. I did apologised to her and explained that I didn’t mean to cause any drama , just I fell stupid for thinking that he was into me. She was not having it. 🤷🏼‍♀️
Is his girlfriend overreacting?
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