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I really want to get to know her more but she disappears (Aquarius Woman). What should I do?

I will try to keep this as direct as possible. Currently on month three of pursuit, the very first day we met (the very last day of that month) was the same day she asked if I was seeing anyone (I wasn’t) and she gave me her number. I was at work during this time making repairs for my customer ( she was my customer FYI). I texted her later that evening officially beginning the pursuit of each other. The following month we couldn’t get enough of each other. I could hardly initiate anything with her because she constantly beat me to the punch ( calling, texting, making plans cause she missed me, etc). She’s a very active person (loves playing sports), spends tons of time with her family, she’s also a mother (which I like, even tho I’ve never dated a single mom before). We even had talks about how she wanted a good male role model for him and I expressed I’d always be mindful of him and respectful of boundaries, and whatever relationship she allows to develop in the future I’d do my absolute best (she loved that). The following month however was when I experienced the disappearance. Mind you a lot of things hit her at once that one month, we barely talked & didn't see each other at all. I brought it up very respectfully without confrontation and she replied five days later (end of that month) & apologized for being so distant and still hoped to build something together (so did I). We texted consistently again for two days (beginning of this month) and then it died off (FYI during and after the previous month I checked in every 5-6 days or so to respect her space). We’re not exclusive just seeing each other, I think she added another guy to the equation recently (respected that, didn’t bring it up with her). Noticed last week she unfriended me on Snapchat but not Facebook nor Instagram, hasn’t blocked my number either (?). If your an Aquarius Woman shed some light on this, I’ve always been honest and respectful with her. Help is appreciated.
I really want to get to know her more but she disappears (Aquarius Woman). What should I do?
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