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My boyfriend told me he only loves me sometimes?

We’re in our mid 20s. We’re expecting our first baby together in November. Been together for 7 months.
And every time we argue/fight, I’ve asked him if he loves me and he says “sometimes”. Is that even a thing? How do you only love someone sometimes?

*also, we got in an argument on Tuesday. I asked him something and he got annoyed with me and hung up. And I got mad at him for hanging up on me. He then just ignored me for a couple hours. When he called back, he did this whole “okay start with the interrogation” and the entire time he was cruel, sarcastic, and laughing as if it were a joke, and annoyed. I was crying on the phone and he just said “are you done?” So I just said bye and hung up. We had plans later that night and he texted me hours later saying to forget our plans and that he’s going to sleep. He didn’t text me at all on Wednesday or Thursday. It’s 3am Friday right now. And just no contact at all. I didn’t text him either, since he’s the one that said all those cruel things to me.

Do you think he’s just gonna ghost me? Or he might text/call me again?
My boyfriend told me he only loves me sometimes?
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