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Is it bad how fast we're moving?

I'm a 19f dating a 21M and I don't know if I'm moving too fast with him. He always sends me texts saying he loves me and gives me love and affection even when I dint deserve it, he always thinks of me and I always think of him when we're working. Heck when I first met him I didn't realize he lived an hour away until he told me he drove that far just to see me for a couple of minutes. I thought he was crazy and decided to date him. Four months in and I feel so in love with him. We have so much in common and we finish each other's sentences. literally! We think of the Same jokes or at least the other person knows the punchline and we still laugh together. We were also both virgins until two months into the relationship and now we never want to leave eachother. He wants me to move in with him and I would gladly accept but I feel as if its moving too quickly. He says to take it at my own pace but I know he really really wants me to and talks about it all the time. I tell him I can't all the time. I may try to do it at the end of the year but I do need outsiders thoughts: the rent would be 200 a month since he knows I work two jobs and struggle to make 400 a week and he pays 300 while his roommate and SO pays the rest. I'd be living with three other people. Of course this sounds crazy so please give me advice
Is it bad how fast we're moving?
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