First date possibility?

OK so its the online email back and forth thing going on. Would you as a woman become less interested and disappointed per say if my way of mentioning meeting up for the first time said "we should meet up for a bite to eat and drink sometime" Basically saying "what do ya say? interested? rather then mentioning a specific place and time? and being more direct and assuming you already are interested?


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  • I say direct and honest is great! Well... that's what works for me, anyway. If I was having a good chat with someone and he said hey, wanna go out for coffee or whatever, I'd take him up on it.

    Not sure why you're thinking she's not interested... is something telling you she's just a friend zone person?

    • just that she usually replied in a day or two. Its now been about 5. I said "we should set up a time to meet up for a bite to eat and drink" no response. I feel stupid if I write back again. No friend zone deal going on. Our chat was going great. Maybe she's just being hard to get? as a lot of women think this is the magic answer to keeping a guy interested. I would have responded to my gesture. Maybe she expects me to write back a time? I just wanted to throw the thought out there 1st

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    • she wrote back exactly a week later. said she would love! to meet up. and "oh I'm so sorry I haven't had much time to get on the site to get back to you sooner.. She read the email the day I sent it haha... total stupid mind game

    • well then.. if she's playing games, go to the next girl! God knows life's too short to play mind games with people!

  • I like when men are direct and quick to meet up when it comes to online dating. I want to see if there's a connection ASAP


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