How can he get my number?

theres this guy that I think is really cute and I see him around at the dining hall and before my english class and my friend was going to give him my number for me because I'm really nervous to approach him. but I'm not sure how to go about this now because a lot of people say I should do it myself, but I don't know how exactly and some say its better to only give him my number and others say I should ask him to hang out or get something to eat sometime...i've never talked to him before and don't even know his name...what would be best? giving him my number or asking to hang out? and should I do it or my friend? if me, what could I possibly say to make it less awkward?



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  • Sit down near him at lunch and strike up a conversation. You might find after 3 sentences that you don't actually like him or that he's weird. If it's going well, introduce yourself and ask his name. Now here's where you make an important decision: Do you want to send the message that you really want him or not? If you keep going and ask him to hang out right away, he'll probably think so. Not that there's anything wrong with that, it's just I know some girls worry about that. In this day and age it doesn't matter really. I'm really flattered when girls approach me. If you don't want to seem that way, wait a couple days then sit near him again and talk about school. Then talk about hanging out and see if he's interested. That's the nonchalant way to do it.

    Or you could just go up to him and giggle and play with your hair and introduce yourself and tell him to take you out to dinner. A lot of guys melt for that.

    • i usually sit at the same tables, one time he sat next to me and my friend but he was with a friend so I didn't want to say anything but that evening we left the dining hall at the same time and he held the door for me so it wouldn't slam in my face

    • Just gotta smile a lot and speak up. Guys go through this same thing every day with every girl they like. The winning solution is to just go up and talk. If you over think it you'll screw up. Like the shoe says, Just Do It.

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