He has a girlfriend but has lost interest?

theres this guy that I have been good friends with for about two years he started to date this girl but isn't really enthused by her, and has lost interest, he tells me and him have been hanging out,and I'm developing feelings for him, should I tell him or just keep quiet since he has a gf...(he ditches her to hang with me, and seems like he could possibly like me back)


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  • Ask him if he is happy wi his girlfriend, if he says yes leave him alone and stop hanging out with him it's not fair on the girlfriend and I'm sure you wouldn't like it done to you? If he loves her stay away, if he answers no he is not happy, tell him you like him and leave it at that and stop hanging out with him if he likes you to he will break up with his girlfriend and chase after you. Don't get to involved wait til he has broke up with her properly before you go out last thing you want is to get accused of wrecking their relationship


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  • Back off and respect their relationship because imagine if he was your boyfriend and did that to you

  • I wouldn't disrespect their relationship. I'm not saying you are doing anything wrong but from a woman's perspective I don't think you would like to be on the receiving end. If you do decide to tell him I would hope it wouldn't be to interfere with their relationship and it would be to distance yourself from him because you have feelings for him. That would be the right thing to do. If he breaks up with her on his own accord and seeks you out that's different. But him ditching his girlfriend to hang out with another girl is shady and kinda cowardly. If he's over her he should man up and break it off.

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