Is patience a virtue when it comes to dating?

For example, if you love someone, and you know that they don't love you back, is it better to try and get them back or be patient and hope they come around?

Thank you.


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  • no. you move on


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  • im in love with a girl, and she just wants to be friends, and it sucks, lol. But I'm going to hopefully change her mind cause she is giving me all the right signals :)

    • Good luck!

    • But, according to this, you should move on :/

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  • It's better to do neither. If someone doesn't love you, move on. Especially when it's the guy who doesn't love you. Girl's feelings can be changed sometimes, guy's feelings (about a woman at least) rarely do.

    • Thanks, but I don't know how you can prove the last thing you said.

    • I've seen it time and time again. Women's attraction can be changed by a man's personality. So if we get to know him over time, we may grow to find him more attraction. Men's attraction is mostly based on looks. So if they don't like a girl from the start, he never will unless her appearance changes.

    • attractive**

  • Yes it is, good luck! I hope everything will end up well.