How to stop feeling emo?

I know of this gal at work, who is attached. I found myself having a liking for her. When we have conversation, she show signs of 'liking' for me...but I could have read the signals wrongly. But reading books of body language, the signs are signals for attraction, like glow in her eyes, body posture, fling of her hair...I don't know if she does that to every guy. I think I fallen into her trap. The bad part is whenever she talks to other guys in the office, I get all knotty & emo inside. I try to tell myself its nothing but the feeling of sourness boils inside, it's suffering. I just can't stop that feeling...what am I to do?


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  • So many questions here. First and foremost, she's attached. Game over. You may have a crush on her, a big, ever growing, sounds like an unhealthy one. I say that because you are now getting jealous of other men talking to her. She is not yours to be jealous over.

    I am also concerned about your statement that you've fallen into "her trap." She didn't set a trap for you man...she's attached.

    Get over it, get past it, move on. This is an unhealthy fixation. Find an available woman that you can have a wonderful relationship with. And please, leave the jealousy out of it. There is no room for it in a healthy, trusting relationship.

    Good luck.

    • Thanks DebiPie. You're right that she didn't set a trap. But I felt I have fallen into a trap. Why send me those signals? Could I have read the signals wrong? I just feel frustrated and emo over it. I feel like she is taking me for ride...bring me up to cloud 9, then throw me down to the lowest...

  • Yeah that really sucks, I know how you feel. I think the only thing you can do is to stay away, from her as much as possible, the less interactions you have with her the better it will be for you.

    Hopefully your feelings for her will start to fade. If you think that she is flirting with you, then its up to you to put a stop to it. I find that its wrong to mislead someone, girl/guy, it doesn't matter.

    Do you know for sure she is attached?

    • Thanks for the advice. I know she is attached. You 're right that I should stay away from her, but she works in the same office. I just can't get over it. Maybe because I'm not attached, so I was really overwhelmed by, what I think, is her attraction and attention for me. I admit that she is an attractive person, so its going to be very hard to put my feelings away.

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    • Thanks for the encouragement. I'll (try me best) follow your advice & focus my attention on friends & family. As I mentioned, to me, she is an attractive person. That emo feeling doesn't happen to other girls in the office, only her. And no offense to her, she is not the prettiest girl in the workplace. Sometimes I get upset with myself for feeling this way. It will take time, I don't how long...Thanks again, really appreciate your replies.

    • Your welcome. Will power and self control, you can do it.

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