Why can't I find anyone that will actually date me that's actually not crazy or something terribly wrong

i have dated about 20 people in my life and I'm 19 and only started dating 3 years ago first girl broke up with me because I was a bad kisser(never had kissed anyone before) second one well she got me into a lot of trouble for her and my sake I won't say the last girlfriend I had moved into the house with me and my mother when she was told specifically that should couldn't after we were dating for like 4 days she didn't pick up after herself she I couldn't even sleep in my own bed because she spread out and took up the whole thing but every time I date some one none of them actually date me for me I don't know what they date me for I just want some advice because honestly I feel like I'm going to grow old by myself. and idc if any one knows that I'm bi but all the guys in the town I live in are jocks and over half of the state doesn't accept gays or bisexual men or women so some one please help me out I have tried online dating I have tried short long distance long long distance I have tried every type of relationship possible and I am just tired of get the same old thing like your a great guy and I had a great time and all but your just not my type (after driving 80 miles to see her been talking for about 2 months spent like $80 to take her out and to get there and texted me that after I left)


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  • we attract the type of people who are ourselves. are you crazy? or something wrong with you?

    • no more crazy than the average person I have never been arrested or anything if that is what your wondering. I have never done anything to harm myself or any one else on purpose

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  • Times have changed; there was a time when girls who were 18-20 were looking for soul mates just like the guys were but now we don't look for that until we're 30, if at all. So get used to meeting a lot of crazies, users, liars, and people who are just plain confused with no idea what they want.

    My advice would be to raise your standards and then do your best to "lead" the relationship. Make her do what YOU want, when you want to. Basically, be as much of an asshole as you can, they see value in it. When you're 25-30 you can be mature and nice, but not until then.

    • It's just American culture is all; you're looking for something that doesn't really exist anymore, at least not in "average" America. Maybe try going to church and meeting girls there, or meeting girls through friends but honestly get used to meeting girls who are princesses/waiting for mr. perfect etc.

      As far as meeting homosexual guys in a jock/hick town, I bet you'd be surprised how many are around although I doubt you could have a public relationship with one another.