What does it mean if he stops texting?

He used to be all over me but ever since we went through a lot of arguments and nasty fights he cuts me out of his life. We just started seeing each other so at first I understood he might need time to cool off. But if anything it's getting less, never better. I'm the one who initiates contact (it used to be him months ago).

Is that the way you categorize girls, guys? Texting is like 'getting closer, already a bit part of my life' and no more texts equals that I'm not on his mind anymore?


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  • Yeah this happened to me, and he just lost feelings for me. I think you should move on and find someone who deserves you and will appreciate all the time you put into texting and calling him. He probably got sick of fighting with you. If you don't think you can get over him, just stop texting him, he might start feeling the chase again and text you first. I feel like if you're arguing this much already then you may not be right for each other, but my advice is stop making the effort. If he likes you he will text you.