What's the limit on calling or texting a girl you like without being too pushy or clingy?

I've liked this girl for months, she just split up with her boyfriend of three months three weeks ago

She's not upset by it but we didn't talk really at all while they were together, when we used to a lot before

I texted her the past two days in a row and I'm not gonna do it today, but would ,like Saturday be ok? Only texted her and called her like once last week

I really honestly enjoy talking to her but I'm worried that I may be coming off as pushy soon since we haven't talked for months and just within the past week I've talked to her like four times :/

Was it too much?


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  • No my dear that's not too much. Thing is if she likes it and replies back and she seems happy when you call/text then you're doing a gr8 job! Each girl is different :)

    • I forgot to say something

      When we were texting Monday, I asked her to like meet up after she gets off work to catch up, she didn't reply to that text (It was the text I said ttyl in but she didn't say anything about it)

      I had a question yesterday that I needed to ask her, so I texted it, she replied and answered just fine but when I asked her something else (if she ever finished working on a painting that she was doing for me a while back), I didn't get a reply

      Is that bad?

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    • Well... Back when we talked alot, she apparently did like me (I just didn't do anything soon enough), but even then, I still texted her more than she did

    • It's OK to text alot..but the thing is know when to stop ;) I mean you didn't do anything wrong but step back and let her miss you :)

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  • trust me, wait till AT LEAST Saturday (cos she's not writing back) and if you text her and get no reply then she might not be that into you :( good luck!

    • well she is writing back but the two important things, she didn't...

  • Wait till saturday, keep her on her toes! and don't over think it too much, it'll ruin ya. good luck :D

    • look in my comment for the other person

      That's why I may be overthinking it :/

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  • right now I would say keep it at a minimum. you could try again Saturday but after that let a week/ week and half go by unless she calls or texts you. that way you can put the ball in her court and kind of gauge how interested she is in you.

  • Yeah I'd give it a little rest. You've already demonstrated you're interested in her, let her give you a sign back.

    • Well, we're technically friends right now, so... yeah lol

    • Then it all depends what you say in those texts. 3 weeks out of another relationship...don't know if I'd be trying to get with that one.

    • eh, I liked her befoer they got together, but I just didn't do anything in time

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