Why does this guy always try to get me to go to the casino with him?

This guy I work with, and his friend, always trying to get me to go to the casino with them. I went with them once and it was kinda boring even though we all enjoyed hanging out together. But seriously, why the casino and why does he want me? Is it just cause they think bringing a girl brings good luck? Is that all it is? I told him they should bring his girlfriend but he says she doesn't like to go.


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  • Sounds like maybe he likes you, whether romantically or just likes hanging out with you. And maybe that's just his favorite spot to go, so he wants to bring you along.

    Or he could be drawing you into an elaborate casino heist, using you as an innocent accomplice that the police will go after instead of them.

    • hahaha

    • i was trying to use her to distract security while we got to the money.

    • Seems to have worked. Not only did you get the money (I assume), but she doesn't know a thing about what happened. That means someone who can't turn you into the cops

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  • 'Cos they all go and he wants you to be there. Why does he have to have a darker purpose? Its nice that he wants to hang out with you, it means your cool.


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