I was his first kiss

I was this guys first kiss but 2 days later he said he thought we should just be friends. I thought it was strange because he had said he really liked me. I found out the other day that some stuff happened and that he really couldn't have a girlfriend at the time and needed to focus on school. What I want to know is if this boy likes me and really does just have too much going on to have a girlfriend too or if that was just a convenient way out. He has never had a girlfriend either... I don't understand how you could get to the point where you share your first kiss with someone and then decide to be friends. we still hang out and have a flirty chemistry but I don't know how I should take it.


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  • you should have a heart-to-heart talk and see what's really going on...put everything on the table early so you're not wasting each others' time...being flirty friends is the same as the early stages of FWB


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