Would you date someone with a kid?

I'm adopting a little girl, and I'm 20 years old. would you date a person like me? In general people at my age, around it or so, would you date someone with a kid. (and before someone asks, I do want to have kids from my womb)


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  • for some reason I landed on this page with a lot of the same question as you've posted lol

    (note to reader this is a copy from another post along the same line but applicable here as well)

    let me tell some don't mind at all , for example I'm one, my wife and I have been together now for 40 yrs. she had a 1 year old daughter at the time I met her 6 months latter we were married. had two more daughters . have 5 grandkids 4 boys and and a girl whose the youngest at present.

    i think what I put here says it all on your questions. you said you wanted honest answers why or why not ,below is just food for thought take it for what its worth but*ts from my heart.

    i know what I'm about to say on this is not popular thought in most girls in your age group (18-24)

    the next guy chose from a differenttype guy than what your ex: was.

    most likely he was one of the following types of a type.

    he was controlling

    maybe abusive word or physical

    cheated (which also includes lieing(sp))

    he was either a jock popular guy / badboy type / a player / or just a plain jerk all share some if not all of the above traits and more (negative type traits that is)

    well what type of guy should you choose then?

    well I was back in the 1960's girls would discribe me as "that nice sweet guy with the wavy hair"

    ya, I was one of those nice guys that got over looked in high school by girls because I had the nice guy qualities. and we all know how girls in the age bracket of (14-24) what they think and feel about nice guys .

    LOL ...

    but consider this girls/women by the time they reach 25 or older (some maybe younger if smart)

    realize that the nice guys weren't such a bad deal all along. most of these guys haven't as a rule changed one iota from when they were in high school.these women 25 and older also state on line and encourage younger women not to make the same mistakes they did and love their geeky nerdy sweet nice shy quiet guys to pieces

    yet its also a proven fact that these same guys are better fathers, husbands ,and providers . also 95% of the time they do not cheat on their partners (they maybe at times cheated on but its rare)

    you ask for honest answers to your questions , these are I know pretty expliet answers and detailed to a degree. yet I posted my expierence on this and I am a nice guy which wound upo with a wonderful women to boot. is our life a fairy tale ...lol far from it we have our ups and downs in this relationship but we work them out.

    hopefully my post has been of some help to you make some wise choices this next time with a guy.


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  • I would date a person like you if you had a kid. I'd have no problem with it. Actually, I think if we were in a relationship there's a lesser chance you or I would cheat on each other because of that kid. Also, I was raised by a single mom so that would factor in to my decision. Hope this helps! Good luck!

  • I'd take you out on dates just to figure out why/how you can support these children.

  • Yes I would date someone with a kid, and If it is adopted I would consider that a plus because then I wouldn't have to worry about you and your ex arguing over how often he can see the child.

  • If I wasn't married I'd have not problems at all. Especially as adoption shows you to be a caring, selfless person.

  • i'd have to really really really like you to date you if you've got a kid already.

    i want to be with a girl and have time with her so that its just me and her for at least 3 years.


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  • Out of curiosity, why are you adopting so young?

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