What does “I’ll text you in a while” mean?

Guy I’ve been talking to said he was going to take a shower and eat and that he’d text me in a while. Does that mean he’s going to text me soon or never?

The reason I ask is because he ghosted me once in July but he said it was because his brother died and he wanted space. He didn’t tell me that until this past weekend when he texted me out of no where. He’s telling the truth about his brother but I feel like he’s going to ghost again. He said he ‘didn’t feel like being social’ when I offered to come over. He got laid off yesterday but I definitely still went to his house yesterday so I don’t get why today is different.

Am I over reacting? And what does his last text mean? I’ve never had anyone say that they’d text me “in a while”.
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Actually I just reread the text and he said “I’ll text you after while”, not ‘in a while’ so now I don’t know if that was a typo or if he meant in a while
What does “I’ll text you in a while” mean?
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