My boyfriend is schizophrenic..?

hey guys...

- my boyfriend has been having "episodes" as he calls them, where he he's voices that say, "kill yourself" or sometimes "kill other people"...lately its been worse. he was hospitalized last week because he was literally screaming and hitting himself to try to get the "voices" out of his head...hes currently on 200 mg of thorazine and takes abilify twice a day..but I don't know how he will be when they lower the dose.

-to tell you the truth. he's a violent person, and I guess I'm just extremely scared he will listen to the "voices" and hurt someone. then forget about it...and be jailed for years.

I'm scared he'll hit me. I love him. I really do...we've been dating 2 years. he means so much to me. and I don't want to see this

sickness take him over...

I'm worried and confused. I want to know that it'll be okay. yet, somethings telling me it won't be alright. I care about him so much. I don't want to see him like this anymore...i just wish it could be me and him, like we used to be. now the voices are the third person in the relationship.. : /

advice? person to talk to..?

thank you.(:
My boyfriend is schizophrenic..?
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