My boyfriend is schizophrenic..?

hey guys...

- my boyfriend has been having "episodes" as he calls them, where he he's voices that say, "kill yourself" or sometimes "kill other people"...lately its been worse. he was hospitalized last week because he was literally screaming and hitting himself to try to get the "voices" out of his head...hes currently on 200 mg of thorazine and takes abilify twice a day..but I don't know how he will be when they lower the dose.

-to tell you the truth. he's a violent person, and I guess I'm just extremely scared he will listen to the "voices" and hurt someone. then forget about it...and be jailed for years.

I'm scared he'll hit me. I love him. I really do...we've been dating 2 years. he means so much to me. and I don't want to see this

sickness take him over...

I'm worried and confused. I want to know that it'll be okay. yet, somethings telling me it won't be alright. I care about him so much. I don't want to see him like this anymore...i just wish it could be me and him, like we used to be. now the voices are the third person in the relationship.. : /

advice? person to talk to..?

thank you.(:


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  • Hey, I know this is tough. I'm not in exactly the same situation, but my younger brother was diagnosed with schizophrenia a few years ago. He's an awesome person, but when he's in psychosis, he can be pretty unpredictable and it can be scary at times. When he's on his meds, he's much easier to be around and his life is a lot more manageable, but he goes off them often because a lot of the drugs they use to treat schizophrenia have nasty side effects, make him feel like he's "not himself", and a lot of times when things are going well, people feel like they don't need to take them and so they stop.

    Everyone has a different experience with schizophrenia, so its hard to say what the future will bring, and it also might take a bit of trial and error for him to find a medication that works for him.

    I guess the two things I want to say to you are:

    This is going to be a really tough time for him. He may lose friends and loved ones who don't understand or who are also scared or have trouble dealing with his illness. He's going to need support. If you choose to stay with him, it might be helpful for you to seek out a support group for people with loved ones who have schizophrenia.

    But also know that you are not obligated to stay with him. If you can't maintain your relationship with him, if its too hard on you or if he is showing indications that he might hurt you, your first obligation is to yourself---for your own emotional well-being and personal safety (having schizophrenia does not necessarily mean that a person is violent, but you stated that he is a violent person and I'm not sure exactly what you mean by that). It might mean just being friends with him, or it might mean cutting your ties with him. It probably won't be an easy decision should you have to make it, since I'm sure you care about him a lot after being with him for 2 years, but as I said, your first responsibility is to yourself.


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  • it's very dangerous to be around someone like this, he should commit himself if he is a decent human being, if he doesn't care then he is likely to act out on it, schizoprenia itself may not be dangerous but the way a person chooses to deal with it is, and if the person is choosing the violent way, gtf away from them and tell somebody maybe

    • but. if its his mind...then I don't want to leave him alone...

      what if it gets to the point he can't control his body?

    • then get him all the help you can. the human mind can only take so much before snapping and doing what ever you hear, sort of like brain washing, hear the same thing over and over again and you'll start to believe it. I agree with Gregs.

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  • The worst thing you could do is leave him. I don't have schizophrenia, but I do have bipolar disorder which can be very similar. I told my boyfriend that I "thought" I might have it and he broke up with me two days later. The emotional stress put me into an "episode" and then the hospital.

    Try going to a support group with him to better understand the disease and let him know you are there for him. He may be able to function normally with medication, just make sure that you guys communicate. If you're scared, let him know and he can try to help you understand when he needs to be alone and when he knows its safe for him to be with you. get to know his triggers.

    good luck!

  • He may be bad for your health. He could really hurt you so I don't know what would be like to stay with him with the consent fear of him doing somehting bad. I personally have thoughts that involve hurting myself or others but I normally don't act on them kinda like voices but I don't think I'm schizophrenic. If I was like him when I'm having a sane moment Id commit myself because I don't want to hurt anyone.

  • Did you notice That when you started dating? If he has Been to a hospital they won't let him go if he is dangerous... I was considering dating An schizophenic but I guess its way too much trouble I don't think is easy to handle...

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