Is calling the following morning after a date a good sign?

He said he'd call around 10am/11am and he did just that. But I haven't heard from him since then and that was a week ago...


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  • Have YOU tried to call him? I mean normally when I call a girl I expect her to show me she's interested by calling me the next time. So it's more or less like:

    I call her, she calls me, I call her, she calls me, I call her... etc.

    If she calls me more than one time inbetween all this I start to call her more too and so on. I just never want to be the one who is being needy and annoying and this method kinda forces you to do just that without overthinking anything.

    The only time I call/text more than once is if she doesn't respond at all for a lnger time and than I just stop calling alltogether.

    • If she doesn't respond the secomd time.

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    • Somehow she actually thought I didn't call because I didn't want to be with her anymore...

      I don't know your situation so I'm not saying it'll be definitely fine, but don't give it too much value while he's out of town. And sofar he sounds like he is really interested so stop worrying.

    • thanks :) I texted him asking when we were going to hang out again. He said he was out of town until wed but when he gets back he promises to spend a night cooking me dinner...and then he called me this morning!

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  • He was doing a good job unless he's busy

    • He's been out of town since Sunday. I called him Saturday but no return call or text :(

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