My girlfriend pulls back every time I try to kiss her.

Why would this be? we've been dating for over 9 months and have kissed many times before but this has been happening for the past month, 10+ times, we haven't kissed during that time.


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  • A) you all of a sudden have bad breath :p ha ha

    B) she all of a sudden has bad breath ewww :P

    C) she is thinking about breaking up with you but doesn't know how to go about it

    D) she thinks you may break up with her and is trying to distance herself from you

    E) is afraid a rumor she heard about you is true and doesn't know how to handle it or bring it up

    F) she's depressed


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  • that's just rude. I say you ask her about it..

  • Sounds like she wants to break up with you. That or she has some weird emotional things going on. Ask her about it.


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