The inevitable awkward first date! Any tips?

We've been friends for a while and he asked me to have dinner with him and then go over to his place to hang out in his hot tub... We live in a small town, there isn't much to do. I'm pretty excited, but he's a shy guy and I know I'll have to do a lot of the talking. I know at one point during the night things will get a little weird; what have you guys done to get over all the awkward bumps in a date? What about the kiss at the end, how do I know if he'll be OK if I kiss him?


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  • First, guys are amost always cool with being kissed. It's guys that have to try and figure out if the girl wants to be kissed. The best by the way is when a woman wants you to try to kiss her because she wants to reject you to make herself feel better. Yeah... Anyway if you two are friends you should have plenty to talk about. Why not just talk about how it's a funny situation to be in but you're glad it's happening? That would make him more at ease I bet.


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  • You say you've been friends for a while, so ask him questions about things he's interested in and always ask open-ended questions. Make sure none of your questions are the type that end in "yes" or "no". Draw him out a little bit but keep the conversation light.. no heavy talk about personal issues, work/school/college etc.

    And most importantly, just be yourself. By the sound of it you don't sound too stressed out, so just go with the flow and see how it pans out. If at the end of the date you think a kiss is inevitable then just go ahead and do it... but since it's the first date I would refrain from kissing. I think if you're into him and see it going somewhere then take it slow... first date kisses are a bit rare. And once you know you like him more than a friend then see him a second time and make sure you kiss him then. If he asks you out again it means he's into you and wants to see you so that should be a pointer anyway.

    But make sure you don't over-do anything... go with a flow!

    • Sounds good, thanks so much!