Innocent or out there??

so I haven't had a boyfriend and I have never even kissed a guy. Do guys like girls with no experience or a lot? If they are interested in them. Or does it make them a target, like to "deflower" or whatever


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  • Be careful to avoid guys who seek out virgins. Your first time she be with someone who is with you because he likes you, not your virginity.

    Make him take his time, and have lubricant on hand.

    You decide how long the foreplay should last. If it takes an hour before you are ready then so be it

    Last and most important... insist in being on top. If you control the speed and depth of penetration you will feel less fear and be less likely to feel pain (a girls first time not only can be done without pain, it can be amazing for her). If the guy isn't willing to let you be on top then kick him out. At best he is inconsiderate, at worst he might be a sadist who gets off on hurting virgins during sex. The last thing you want is to have some guy say "I'll be gentle" and then when he has you pinned he starts thrusting into you like a savage, getting off on the look of pain on your face and your cries.

    Insist on being on top. If he really cares about making your first time special for you he will agree.


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  • First off grats on still being a virgin not many 13 and above are. And to answer your question guys do like some experience well most do there are some who like inexperienced girls but you should never have sex unless you love the guy your with and you are certain he loves you to. Don't date a guy for like a week then he says he loves you then sleep with him because the odds are he just wants a quickie. Any way if a guy truly likes you your experience won't matter to him and actually for a guy who is looking for a real relationship the less experience is better.

  • i like the innocent more cute looking ones


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