What should I expect from this?

I met a guy at a club, we kissed, he was nice.. when we left I asked if he wanted my number and he said he wouldn't mind it.

Half an hour later (about 3.30am?) he text asking if it was the right number and I said yes, then he asked how my night was and said his was really good because he got with the 'hottest girl' there.

i didn't reply because I fell asleep, replied the next day, then he took his time and replied that evening (you know the silly games where you take ages and play hard to get..) and I didn't reply because I was out that night

then the next day I still hadn't replied and he text me asking if I had facebook and told me I should add him.

What is this meaning? Should I be expecting anything here? because usually I'd just leave it alone and not expect anything from a guy I kissed a randomly..

any thoughts guys? and girls..


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  • You were with him! you tell us...


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  • well what to expect, nothing. If you want to add him on fb go ahead, if you like him though this way you can check out his fb a little bit. From here on, IF YOU LIKE HIM (or see it go anywhere, friends or may be dating) continue texting like any regular guy you have met, but if he asks you out or when you hang out no going further than kissing with him, you were at a club so fine you made out, but now just treat him like any other guy and don't rush in to anything,he might just might think he will get more from you just b.c. you made out at the club. I'd just not think too much in to this and see what happens. I'd say also hang out with him first time somewhere in public and during the day casual b4 having a date so you can feel him out on who he is since you well like we said you met him at a club lol people act differently you never know , you might not even like him.

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