The dreaded "texting" rules?

Alright so we all get it that girls usually like guys to text them first, and I've always wondered why XD? Also I've always wondered if a lot people commonly use periods at the end of all their sentences or is that just a way of showing disinterest? And also if that isn't a way of showing they aren't interested then how do you know if a girl or guy is into you through texts? Thanks :)


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  • Wait, you can flirt through punctuation?!


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  • if they use a period all the time then in is normal but if they never did then all of a sudden start useing them then it usually means she's mad...


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  • why would you text a girl when you have her number and can call her?

    • usually because of minutes issues as gay as that sounds I know lol, or because we may have talked all night a while ago and or just don't feel like calling or don't know if they're busy...a whole variety of reasons

    • did you have sex with this girl?

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