What should I do? It looks like I will be alone forever?

I know this sort of doesn't make sense, but is just really sad the situation that I am in. I am 23 years old, never had a girlfriend, I am still a virgin (not by choice by the way), I have kissed like some girls in my lifetime but that is it. I had a thing with this girl for 2 months, but then she dumped me, she has been the only girl I have ever had a date with, I haven't been able to get a date, I always find girls who play games, girls who seem to like me and then they disappear, girls who only use me for drinks and attention. Also to be honest all of this dating crap seems so much work as well: Patience, time, money, rejection, all of these rules that you have to follow.

What should I do?.


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  • I would say be more outgoing and get to know girls. I'm sure there are girls all around you that would love to get to know you. Join clubs or something if you have a problem meeting them. If you do what you like and meet a girl there then you will already have something in common. I'm not really sure what you're wanting me to say, but this is what I first thought of.


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  • hang around drunk people more. but make sure they don't meet you until they've already started drinking...haha. don't let yourself get used. go use somebody instead!

  • i'm 23 as well and in the same boat