Girls: how much experience do you expect a "normal" 22 year old guy to have?

I was just wondering about female opinions on this topic:

How much romantic experience (dates, relationships, sex) does a girl expect a "normal" 22 year old guy to have?

Is it considered terribly weird if an otherwise quite normal and successful 22 year old guy hasn't even had his first kiss or gone out on a date or asked a girl out?

Would you as a girl be somewhat shocked if a guy who didn't seem like an antisocial freak/weirdo (or whatever you want to call it) had had absolutely zero experience with the opposite sex by the time he reached the age of 22?


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  • i would be surprised.. but if I liked him then I guess I would just try to teach him what to do

  • I would be shocked, but it's definitely not a bad thing..!


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