Boyfriend Stopped Talking to Me?

Me and my so called boyfriend have these streaks where we don't talk at all. 5 days at the most. I don't text people again if they don't text me back. & a lot of times, for whatever reason, he decides not to text me back. So, we go days without talking. Finally he'll text or call me as if everything is okay. I told him that this bothers me. He just said he's sorry and he loves me blahblahblah. It hasn't stopped though. It baffles me, because say if I text him...he won't text me back, but he'll say on facebook that he wants someone to talk to or that he wants company!? You might say..well why don't you just call him. I do sometimes, but usually I text him first to make sure he's not busy. On top of all this, he never comes to see me. I told him we need to end it if he doesn't come to see me soon like he's always promising he will. I don't wanna lose him though. I don't want to give up what we had, cause I really do think we can get that back. I just need to see him. I've tried to, but he never calls or texts me back when I wanna ask if I can see him. This whole situation is really bothering me. It keeps me up at night, and I can't stop thinking about it. What do you guys think I should do?


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  • I reckon you should leave him, He is obviously placing other things more important than you, But if he actually loves you like a true boyfriend would, You would be the most important thing to him.


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