My boyfriend and me broke up but he kissed me an hour before he did it. Was he dating me for pity?:'(

He never kissed me on the mouth and he said he loved me. First we dated for 2 months and then we broke up,but then he came back to me and said he still "liked" me and then we dated for two weeks and then he broke up with me and he broke up with me through his friends because he said it was awkward,and he still wants to be friends but I don't think I want to. He shattered me and then he dropped my fragile heart on the floor and broke it,and then he said "well it was worthless anyways".That's how I view it.


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  • If he really "loved" you he wouldn't have done and said that to you. Sorry you're going through this. Best thing to do if move forward and not look back, don't let him be taking advantage of you.