Online dating.... false expectation?

soo I gave this online dating thing a try. although I feel like it gives people almost different expectation or even thoughts of who I am or anybody else is, for that matter.

i.e. its weird because I don't go through a week with guys constantly saying. oh ur cute, or blah blah. but when I put my pictures up. and they do, I think, resemble who I am, these guys online would send me messages and such.

but I'm thinking, if I see these guys at the bars, I doubt if they would have teh same reactions. so like I'm hesitant to reply because I think they think I am somthing I am not.

does all this make sense? what are your thoughts


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  • The internet tends to make things less scary and in a way it's safe (up to a certian point). By thi I mean that people feel brave enough to say whatever they would not normally say to a girl. It's not like a bar where you have to worry about how you look right then and there compared to the other people. People want to get off, sexual IM's, name it. If you do decide to talk to a guy take it slow and get to know him. It's very easy to meet guys this way but it is a bit hard to meet quality guys. Just take your time.


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  • The computer screen sometimes clouds reality behind a veil. So sometimes it's harder to see how someone really is by a text introduction. Short, blunt posts that in a live setting would harshly violate etiquette standards can sometimes be a turn off indeed. The best thing to do I would think is to write a clear positive description of who you are, what your looking for and word it so that your entry projects your real life personality. Don't let the computer screen carve a paradigm between the real world and the virtual world. Also it can be somewhat easier to filter out the BS so you can Identify the differences. For shy people, the internet is great; especially the Instant Messagers!


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  • Online people can pratically do and say anything they want. Having expectations from those people is the wrong way to go about it.

    You should be setting standards and expectations for yourself, not for others because no one can change or really know what they are thinking besides themselves. All I can say is don't expect anything, stay away from people who message you about being hot because they only want to cam or stalk you, and don't settle. There are millions of people out there, don't settle for someone who doesn't respect you even if it does take longer to make friends. It's all about quality not quantity.