For online dating, do men ask every woman they contact out for a date?

I'm newer to online dating and just wondering I traded 2 msgs each with guy over 5 days and then the third msg from him, he asked me if I wanted to meet. Should I assume then that most men are going on a ton of dates online and basically ask each woman they contact out?


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  • Most people (not just men) that are online are looking for a relationship. That's pretty safe to assume. Meeting online can be easier on some people as they don't feel so pressured by surroundings or competition. However, you have to be very careful doing this as you can meet the wrong type of guy too.

    • Yes I agree. How do you figure out if he is the "wrong type"?

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    • I'm pretty cynical so I will look out for that kind of trouble. Ok I see you met your fiance online so congrats. It is another forum so it's fair to try. Did you date a lot of other guys from the site before meeting him? Were you pick with deciding who to meet?

    • Actually it wasn't a dating site. He was on myspace and I was as well. I generally don't date online. I have done it once before. The only thing that made it progress was that I started out as friends and just took my time getting to know them. Upon meeting them for the first time I made sure it was in a safe place and told my a few people where I was going and when I was coming back (I'm cynical and a little paranoid).

  • Go out, meet him in real life. As long as your safe and meet in a public place and let someone know where you are going and when you get home (alone).

    Online people can pretend to be something they are not, also you do not get to know if there is chemistry between you.

    If you meet him & chat to him, you should be able to tell fairly quickly if you think he is the wrong type or not.

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