If you were stuck between 2 girls. Guys what would you do in this situation??

Guys- If you were stuck between 2 girls...A.One that you were with for a long time that you clearly still have feelings for & loved..and B. a girl you recently began dating that you were good friends with for years, but your unsure about...What would you do?

You began dating the 2nd girl because you thought your long time girlfriend was over you because she started talking to someone else after you broke up with her...but after talking with her recently..its the exact opposite she still has feelings & loves you but thought you didn't want her..so she thought she had to move on..

What would YOU do in this situation?

Yes I am speaking of my ex. It seems like he is living a lie. I know he still has feelings & loves me...but he also has a GF. He contacts me daily! Telling me these things,etc! He's not one that likes to hurt feelings & I think that's what's holding him back from leaving her...but it's not fair to me! Or him & her for that matter! I don't know what to do!


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  • If my feelings were truly that strong, I'd have to go back to her. My BFF was recently in that boat. She was moved here by her family from up north, & it cost her her boyfriend. Fast forward several years, she was with someone she had been in love with & didn't want to hurt, but he'd been verbally abusive for a long time, & she keopt dreaming about going back to the one she lost. As it kept up, she realized she had never stopped loving him & only pushed her feelings deep inside, but she couldn't deny them anymore. She wrote that ex, & he said he was in EXCATLY the same boat, so she went back up north to be with him. Neither wanted to hurt their current partner, but they realized they'd hurt them as well as themselves a lot worse by denying the truth...

    • wow! nice story! Thanx for the reply! Everytime I get involved with someone, I feel like I'm lying to myself..& its tough. I know he is lying to himself as well, that's what makes it even worse. I've decided to walk away from the whole situation, Its unfair, and I'm not going to sit here and watch it. If its meant to be it will be. I hope my story turns out like your friends..but I am not going to expect anything..thanx again!

    • No problem, and yeah, if it's meant to be, you will end up back with him...

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  • if you love him, then let him go and let him make the tough decision of choosing between the 2 of you

    • Thanx for the reply. Its just hard, we've been apart for a couple years..so I guess part of me feels like I have him back...but I know it's not right. I will take your advice! Thanx again

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