I figure if she really wants to hang out like she says she does she would take the initiative to set up a time with me. What should I do with this girl?

I have been talking to this girl lately. I went to her formal with her 2 weeks ago and we had a lot of fun there. The entire time she was very nervous around me and kept stumbling over her words, which she didn't do with some of the other people she was talking with that night.

Anyway she told me that night that she felt really bad that she could never make it to anything I invited her to because she always had something else going on when I asked her. She said that I kept asking her out and she felt really bad she could never make it. She is incredibly busy with school and she is really involved with a lot at school. She said I must think she is the biggest loser in the world because she can never make it to anything.

I decided to ask her to the movies last week but when I asked her she said she couldn't go because she had already promised her friends a while back she would go see that movie with them when it came out to our local theaters. This was the like third time I had asked her out and she couldn't make it. I am sick and tired of her constantly turning me down even after she said she really does want to go out.

At formal some people were talking about date parties they had and how much fun they are. The girl asked me why I never asked her to any and I said that I had invited her but she could never make it. I don't know what she was trying to do with that, but it kind of pissed me off that she asked it because she knows I had invited her to a lot but she never came to any.

She hardly ever responds to texts and if she does it is a couple hours later and its always just a one word response so I can't really have a conversation with her. I sent her a text yesterday that she never responded to. But we ran into each other today and she responded to the text in person and she seemed happy to see me.

I have stopped inviting her to stuff and I figure if she really wants to hang out like she says she does she would take the initiative to set up a time with me. But is that the right move? She told me at her formal she expects me to bring her to my formal in spring, but I don't think I want to if she can't even make time to hang out with me without it being a formal. I mean it really wouldn't hurt to keep inviting her to stuff because when she declines it doesn't change what I do, but she is sending REALLY mixed messages right now.


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  • so waht did you do?

    • I basically stopped texting her, stopped inviting her to stuff and I moved on.

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