How can I tell him it's not a date?

This guy I dated briefly recently contacted me after 4 mos of not speaking. Then 2 weeks later I bump into him a block from my apt. He walks me home and ends up inviting me to an event he was going to. To spare you the long details my friends and other men I spoke to says it sounds like he wants to give it another try.

Ideally I would show up at the event and then see what he wants but I can't go, I'm busy that weekend. However, I do want to see him and see where it goes...What can I do, or say to him, or suggest to him but make it sound friendly and not like a date or that I want him back cause honestly, I just want to talk to him a little more. What would you guys like to hear


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  • A thought: "Sorry, I'm busy with [insert previous busying event here] that weekend, but I'd like to get together for coffee, say on [insert day/time where you're available]?"

    I think this shows interest, as despite your being busy you offer another solution to meet up, and yet it doesn't feel like, "I want you back" or even like a semi-date.

    Sound good?


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