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Should short/ugly guys give up on dating?

I’m 24, 5’5 (165 cm) and have been single all my life, never had sex, anything, never even been kissed. I’ve been turned down every single time I’ve asked someone out for both my height and face, it seems that almost all girls don’t want me, and before you say anything about confidence, before I try and ask someone out, i get my hopes and confidence up and I still get turned down, I feel like I’m just gonna be alone forever, no wants me, no likes me, my friends and parents think I’m weird or there’s something wrong with me because I’ve been alone all my life, and honestly I can’t blame them cause yeah most people have at least had at least 1 relationship by now. I’ve just started giving up hope and stopped asking people out. Should I just give up on dating? I just don’t feel like I seem to have a chance anymore…
Should short/ugly guys give up on dating?
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