He reactived his online dating profile but still contacts me, what should I do?

i have been seeing this guy I met online about 5 months now. things are going well but I found out he reactived his online dating profile last weekend. a few key points I need to make: 1. he always gives me the feeling that he is not serious about us. He only visits me late sat. afternoon, dinner, sex and leave Sunday lunch hour. once weekend, I cooked for him at my place, he asked for sex even befor edinner and left for his own home around 11pm...saying my bed is not comfortable. 2. he never talks about feelings with me. when I ask him some questions about us he divert the conversation. I haven't met any one of his friends' or family. 3. he once bought me a sexy underwear but asked me to pay at the counter saying he is shy to pay. I did and he handed out cahs the next morning before he left my..i feel a bit offended so turned down his money. 4. he only text me , called me maybe 5 times since we met. even text, he only text me 2 or 3 times a week normaly on Thursday or Friday to fix weekend plan.i have to admit that I never took my online dting profile down as I paied for 6 months, it ends around july this year. so I do log on to have a look from time to time but never really communicated with anyone. The fact that he closed his account but now reactivated it after 5 montsh really hurts me. I am sure he only reponed it last weekend. but we spent all sat. togeterh and he texted me 3 times during sudnay...i am really confused.

to make it even worse, I texted him the next Monday saying I really like him, its just I dont' know how to express myself all these tiem. he replied but joke a bit never said he likes me too. then I texted him again last Thrusday telling him that I got my project approval something he and I discussed before. he also texted me on Wed. saying he found my underwear at his place, he washed it for me and ready for me. he flew to France for a skiing trip sat. morning he texted me when landing sayinhg @ arrived in france, feels I have never left. I missunderstood him as he said he enver left th eUK. so I texted back saying 'glad you arrived safe, it's cold here, hope you travel back soon' then that's the last communication we had.

my questions: 1. is he bored so log on the website? is it because I got too close to him by initiating texts? or we have been seeing each other every weekend for 6 weeks and he lost interest? 2. have I been acting a bit clingy in the past few weeks? again by initiating a few texts and agreed tosee him every weekend?

3. is he a player? or did I 'scare ' him away?

many thanks,


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  • I had a Similar situation, I met a "really" nice man through a dating site, he gave me his number and he told me he was deleting his online account, not because we were exclusive but because he said he was getting tired of all the scams, and he was so happy to have "found" me before he deleted his account. In the beginning he texted me all the time, we met once and hit it off, and talked about doing it again... And then the texts starting to diminish, he wouldn't share any personal information about himself but wanted to know all about me. Come to find out the man had signed up for three different dating sites and had a very active social life... In the end I walked away with my head held high.

    When in doubt, it's best to ask or to cut your losses, because it's your heart on the line and I wouldn't want to see anyone get taken advantage of. When I was younger I probably would have ignored those warning bells, but being older it's given me a lot more courage, and I'd rather lay it out on the table and be done with it, than to worry about getting hurt in the end.

    Best of luck.