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Day by day or long term commitment?

Me and my boyfriend of a year and half have hit a rough patch recently. I have been getting annoyed leaving him feeling like he can’t do anything right or suffocated possibly. While from my perspective I am feeling unappreciated and unimportant making me complain more than I should to try to gain those things. The last two weeks neither of us have been making any effort and finally we discussed what has been going on today. We agreed after a long talk to give it a last shot because it just hasn’t seemed to be working. I am committed this time to improving my actions even when irritated to make it bettter. I do not know of course if it will work out. However, I also want to be in a relationship that has a future and that I can feel safe planning future events. At the end of our conversaiton he said for now we have to take things day by day. Meaning we can’t plan a little trip in three or six months? While this makes me feel sad is this a practical thing at the moment until we’re back on a good term or is he just not investing in me and being noncommited? If this means anything he has told me before he hopes to have a future with me and I’ve told him I want to have kids/get married and that’s my goal with my long term relationships. This was when we were in a good place.
Day by day or long term commitment?
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