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I had a miscarriage due to stress, and?

I had a miscarriage at 10 weeks. My SO and I had been trying for 7 months. My doctor told me stress causes a chemical chain reaction. And that’s most likely what caused it.

I worked at a bank at the time. And one of my managers is friends with my mother-in-law. She had tried hitting on her son (my husband) when he was 19. Like actually tried to hook up with him. My SO showed me the messages (since they were on FB) and he just left her on read and he said he rarely saw her after that since he moved away for a few years to another state.

So anyway. We’re both 25. When I first found out I was pregnant, I was 4 weeks. My period had never been late before so.

Anyway, my manager (mother in law’s friend) constantly berated me at work. Once she found out. Since my mother in law told her. My shifts suddenly went from 7-8 hours to 12-14 hours a day. She had me lifting heavy boxes, and never let me go on breaks.

My SO told her off after my miscarriage. And his mom got mad and said he had to apologize to her. He said no and now they’re not talking. But, his mom also doesn’t know how her friend treated me at work. And doesn’t know she tried to hit on her son when he was younger.

I don’t know how to help him fix his relationship with his mom? Especially when he doesn’t have a relationship with his dad.
I had a miscarriage due to stress, and?
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