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Flirting Coworkers?

TLDR: I like guy, he won't answer my snaps. There's a backstory. Does he like me or nah?

This guy and I were coworkers and we flirted for about 6 months back and forth. I got a new job. Before I left the company he came up to me and told me "maybe we would've worked. I don't know maybe" and me, the idiot I am said "I'm just teasing get over yourself ". Because I was about to move 3 hours away and have been crushing on him hard.
Shortly after I left he got a girlfriend. I ended up moving back 3 weeks later. He saw me, gave me a big hug and then all of a sudden girlfriend is gone a month and a half after he saw me.
I finally got the balls to reach out and give him my snapchat and he added me. But after that first day he won't answer any of my snap chats. He always views my stories. Does he like me or does he just want attention? He's the first guy I've liked since my breakup a year ago and I don't know what to think.
Flirting Coworkers?
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