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WTH help me out?

hear me out, a few days back I found my boyfriend staring at a girl in our class, and it happened twice even after I told him I was uncomfortable. he tried to make me understand that he wasn't staring, but it was just a coincidence. however I am an ovetthinker, and last year I was diagnosed with OCD. so you can safely say that i get hyped up easily and this issue is bothering me since then. i dont know why I find comparing myself to her. every other day i find something new that is wrong with me, my appearance or any damn thing. even though I try telling myself how capable and better I am, I just don't understand it. this never happened below. I constantly find myself critisizing everything about myself that i once usd to admire. I know, this sounds exxagarating, but i have it really hard. every other day i burst into tears randomly and everybody is saying I tend to get irritated easily now. is this normal or did this incident of this girl really hit he hard?
WTH help me out?
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