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Was I too blunt for telling a guy his habit was annoying?

Was I too blunt for telling a guy his habit was annoying?
Basically, this guy and I were supposed to go on a date. He cancelled, but said he'd take me out another day, and asked me where I wanted to go to eat. I suggested 4 restaurants

Restaurant #1 was Italian and he said he didn't like Italian. He said it's nothing but unhealthy carbs and it all tastes the same.

Restaurant #2 is a 4 star local restaurant, but according to him, not worth the money and wasn't as good as they thought they were. He said they were snobby about their menu, and he didn't see the big deal.

Restaurant #3 had a better location further away. The location that was further away was the only one he'd go to because it was the only good one, and he hated the one I wanted to go to because it wasn't nearly as good.

Restaurant #4 was fine, but he didn't feel like going there.

So me being the person that I am, I told him over the phone to forget it. He asked why, and I said because it's annoying when someone asks me to do something (like pick a restaurant) just to turn their nose up at my suggestions. I said that he was already getting on my nerves so I was no longer interested. He said I was judgmental and I won't find a man if I don't check my attitude, and I said that if it were possible for me to care less about his opinion then I would do it in a heartbeat. But it's wasn't. Then I wished him luck on finding someone else and hung up.

My friend said I was being mean, but I really don't care. I don't want to go out with an annoying person. You cancel once, ask me to make the date, and then don't like anything I pick but have nothing to add yourself. To me, that's ANNOYING.
Was I too blunt for telling a guy his habit was annoying?
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