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Am I attractive? I really dont know anymore?

I know its kind of annoying to ask such a question but I can't help but wonder why I'm still single. I'm a smart, well rounded person. I also think I'm not bad looking but I'm starting to think something is wrong with me. Nobody ever seems to be attracted to me romantically. (At least that i know of).
I'm 20 years old with an athletic hourglass figure. I'm not skinny, more of a healthy glow I guess. I have shoulder length black hair and dark brown almost black eyes. I'm half pakistani and half chinese/korean. I kind of have a vampy-youthful look.
People say I could pass easy for 16. I like to wear casual clothing like jeans, tee, runners. And I like to wear natural makeup someday, but i dont feel the need to.
I'm in a competitve technology program at my school and I'm on a couple of councils/boards. I like to do my schoolwork. I dont know if that stirs people away from me...
my friends say I'm down to earth, kind, funny and aloof. Is that something that men don't like? Is it how I come off as thats unattractive or something else?
4 d
I added a new photo of me to my profile picture.. so you can see what i look like! I hope it helps.
Am I attractive? I really dont know anymore?
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