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Fails on tinder?

It's not the first time we hear this but I'm still going to say it. Not all men swipe right on every thing, there are things that makes us swipe left. Here is what makes me swipe left or want to swipe left.
It's a dating app, so we want to see how you look like and that means YOU so don't post every picture with group of friends, it might be a chance we wanted the other girl not you. Bravo you got friends.
Another thing is your eyes, we want to see them, so don't post pictures of sunglasses on every picture.
Actually have pictures of your self and preferably not old pictures.
Leve it for the conversation, by this I mean I'm tired of seeing pictures of you with a tiger or some poor kids from that one time you did some cheraty work.
Girl humour don't always get the man, save the humour for the conversation, don't have pictures of your self with weird faces or nude on a mountain top.

Things that helps.

Have at least 3 pictures of your self, one close of your face so we can see your eyes and potentially your smile.
One full body. The third is just what ever.
No filters the dog filter is not as cute as you think.
It helps to see one where you just chilling it's down to earth and humanise you in a way.
To professional picture and all dolled up often have the opposite effect.
Short text on what you looking for.
Don't hide your body nesseserly but it might attract some pervy people if you looking for something serious.
One that I personally is not a fan of is when I see a drink or alcohol in your hands, I'm not looking for a party girlt there are party boys out there so do what you want really.

Was this something you agree to? And you girls what is the most terrible profile you get to see? What do you want to see?
Fails on tinder?
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