Why can't I find a guy to date? What am I doing wrong?

I just turned 21 and I'm a college student. There are so many girls like me that want to find someone to date but it seems as though guys only want to hook up?

Is it because I always find it hard to like a guy once I become friends with him? I could never start dating a friend, I'm just not attracted that way. I seem to attract guys, and guys do like me but none of them seem to want to date.

There are always those girls that attract guys that want to date seriously, but whenever I look I can't seem to find those..

Any tips? am I just attracting the wrong kind? its not like I sleep around like a slut, its not like I'm stupid, and I don't think its the way I look either...


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  • you should throw in a picture and I can give a honest answer


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