He sometimes doesn’t respond for a day or 2 ?

So this guy can’t understand why I am fed up with him and taking up to 1-2 days to respond to me. It feels crap because it shows he has no interest in me. Then gets annoyed when I get annoyed with him or delete Snapchat messages. He is a successful person who has a lot of money and I know he is speaking to other women I’m not stupid but I also know these other women never question his behaviour because they want his lifestyle so maybe he thinks he can do whatever he likes. I genuinely care about him but I am not a doormat.

I just don’t understand how somebody thinks it’s ok to ignore a person for so long and not expect a reaction. I know people have busy life’s but i would even appreciate I can’t talk now text.
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He sometimes doesn’t respond for a day or 2 ?
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